Winter Programs

The Winter Program runs from December 31st until March 20th when we break for Pesach.  Students can join for all or part of the program.  We have limited space in our dorms so if you require housing please apply and contact us asap.  Application deadline November 1st.

Some of the highlights of the Winter Prorgram Include a 3 day hiking trip in the Negev, a Shabaton in Tiberia and all of the festitivies of Purim in Nishmat.

But most importantly come join the unique learning experience of Nishmat’s Beit Midrash and take your Torah learnign to the next level.

See you in the Beit Midrash.

Contact our office at for any further information.   See you in the Beit Midrash.


In-Depth Learning at Nishmat this Winter

Take time for spiritual growth this winter and join an enthusiastic group of women, learning Torah in a vibrant Beit Midrash in Jerusalem.

Students are invited to join us for all or part of this wonderful learning opportunity.

December 31 – March 20,  2018

  • Beginner Level with skill building classes
  • Intermediate/Advanced Level to improve skills and broaden your knowledge. 
You will also have the opportunity to spend time with Nishmat’s warm and friendly educational staff through Shabbatonim and evening programs.
Our Winter break program is $880*/month, including full days of learning (day & evening classes), a daily hot lunch, tiyulim, Shabbatot and special events.

Limited accomodation available ($440 for four weeks).

*Scholarships and Financial Aid available.
Subsidies available for alumnae and Israeli residents with a teudat zehut.
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Coming into the Alisa Flatlow program at Nishmat is like stepping into an international Torah arena. Ideas flow from teachers and students, creating an environment not just of Torah learning, but of a genuine, joyous love of Torah. The classes are challenging, but accessible, and the focus on skills-building and a holistic approach to Jewish learning mean that students feel like they can take a part of Nishmat back with them. Tochnit Alisa is not just a program, it embodies a mentality towards Torah learning and towards a Torah lifestyle.

Women who come for the winter program at Nishmat get to benefit from this incredible environment for the time they have off of school for winter break (or for our resident Australians, before school starts!). The first day of classes as a student joining a year-long program is, needless to say, a bit overwhelming. Still, long-term students are generous with their time, their knowledge, and their encouragement so that winter program students are fully integrated and involved in the classes from their arrival.

The unique opportunity of the winter program is perfectly suited for students who cannot yet take time away to learn for a whole semester or a whole year. Of course, no time is enough time to devote to Torah, but we work with what we have! At Nishmat, the amount of growth you can do in just a few weeks makes the winter program an invaluable tool for any woman with even just a small amount of time off.  – Karen Reitman, winter break 2013-14.

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