Year Program Course Schedule

The Alisa Flatow International Year Program runs from September through July and includes our Elul & Winter-Break Programs. Students are invited to join us for all or part of the year.

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Chumash: The Avraham Stories – Beginners
Instructor: Simi Peters
Scheduled time: 3 hours, Tuesday and Thursday mornings
In this course, we will explore the life of Avraham Avinu as we acquire fluency in biblical grammar and build close reading skills.  Midrash and classical biblical commentary will be used to analyze the narrative and enable us to delve deeply into the spiritual significance of these texts.

Chumash: The Three Parshiyot of Kriyat Shema: Explorations in Peshat, Aggada & Parshanut 
Instructor: Dafna Siegman
Scheduled time: 3 hours, Tuesday and Thursday mornings

We will study the three sections of Kriyat Shema in depth to gain new insights and understanding into these key parts of our liturgy.  We will gain skills in reading and analyzing text while exploring each parshiya through peshat, aggada and classical parshanut.  Each class includes guided chevruta-study.

Guide to Jewish Study: Halacha through the Generations – All Levels

Instructor: Ora Derovan
Scheduled time: 2 hours, Sunday morning
In this course, we will journey through the halachic process from The Men of the Great Assembly through modern times, discussing the general history, halachic works and dominant personalities of each time period. Studying examples within each genre of literature, we will build textual skills with the ultimate goal of learning to appreciate the components as well as the big picture of this intricate process.

Halacha Survey – All Levels
Instructor: Rav Da’vid Sperling
Scheduled time: 30 minutes, Monday – Wedneday afternoon
This course will acquaint us with both the larger context and the fine details of halacha as it is practiced daily and through lifecycle events.  Students will be encouraged to question and comment as they gain practical knowledge of how to incorporate mitzva observance in their lives.

Hilchot Shabbat – Beginners
Instructor: Rav Binyamin Miller
Scheduled time: 3 hours, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon
The Shlav Alef Hilchot Shabbat class is intended to help students develop their reading and analytic skills while focusing on practical halacha.  Throughout the year, we will cover the most broadly relevant melachot of Shabbat to gain an appreciation of how classical sources are used to address modern day halachic issues. In addition to learning the laws, we will explore the rationale behind the melachot to gain a deep understanding of fundamental concepts in hilchot Shabbat.  In the beginning of the year, students will be given basic sources accompanied by word lists.  As their skills progress, students will have the opportunity to challenge themselves with more advanced sources.

Halacha – Intermediate & Advanced
Instructor: Rav Da’vid Sperling
Scheduled time: 3 hours, Monday and Thursday afternoon
The goal of this course is to give students in-depth skills in both learning halachic texts and understanding the halachic process. Every class is based on intensive chevruta-based study of classic halachic texts, focusing mainly focusing on the Mishna Brura. Our class encourages students to develop a love for the halachic give and take, underlying principles and depth of thought that lie below the technical halachic surface.

Nach: Sefer Shmuel – Shaul & David – Beginners
Instructor: Debbie Zimmerman
Scheduled time: 3 hours, Sunday & Wednesday afternoon

Nach: Sefer Shoftim – Intermediate & Advanced
Instructor: Simi Peters
Scheduled time: 3 hours, Sunday & Wednesday afternoon
The Book of Judges contains some of the most enigmatic and troubling biblical narratives.  In this course, we will analyze these texts using close reading techniques, midrash, and comparative parshanut to arrive at a coherent understanding of this book and the period in Jewish history that it describes.

Parshat HaShavua – All Levels
Instructor: Rabbanit Chana Henkin
Scheduled time: 1 hour, Thursday morning

Relationships, Family Life & Intimacy: sources to practical application – All Levels
Instructor: Adi Bitter
Scheduled time: 2 1/2 hours on Monday morning
We study halakhot pertaining to women from the sources, presenting the spectrum of normative halachic opinion, so that each student can understand it and find her place within it.
Tefilla Workshop – All Levels
Instructor: Rabbanit Rosen
Scheduled time: 1 hour, Monday morning
A study of what we try to achieve through Tefilla and in our dialogue with the texts in Tanach, Chazal, the Siddur and women’s techinot.

Topics in Chassidut – All levels
Instructor: Rav Mendel Blachman
Scheduled time: 1½ hours, Sunday evening
In this course, we will study a variety of chassidic perspectives on fundamental concepts in Jewish thought as well as questions pertaining to spiritual growth, avodat Hashem (serving G-d) and building a well-grounded religious identity.

Ulpan – Level 1
Instructor: Odelya Shochat
Scheduled time: 1 hour, Monday Night

Ulpan – Level 2
Instructor: Odelya Shochat
Scheduled time: 1 hour, Wednesday Night

Zionism in the Eyes of Rav Kook – All Levels
Instructor: Rav Sperling
Scheduled time: 1 hour , Thursday afternoon
The teachings of Rav Kook (1965-1935) are renowned as some of the deepest and most far- reaching writings in modern Jewish thought. They touch on all areas of the Jewish soul, the Jewish people, Torah, and their relationship to each other in the rebirth of the modern Jewish nation. We will be exploring his writings in depth from the original sources. We will be focusing on one of the central themes of Rav Kook’s writings: Teshuva – Repentance. We will be examining sections from his classic work Orot HaTeshuva – The Lights of Repentance.

Part-Time Options:

Students are welcome to join for part of the year, and also for a part-time schedule. Most of our year classes (above) can be taken individually (note that some classes are twice-weekly), and we welcome students who want to learn with us. Part-time options are also available for our short-term programs, in Elul, winter break and the summer. Please contact Tzipora for pricing.