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New Bekiut learning program for all the students of the Midrasha

Today! (Rosh Chodesh Elul) we are beginning our new Bekiut learning program for all the students of the Midrasha. Until now 106 alumnae from Shiur Aleph, Maayan, Tochnit Alisa, Shana Ba'Aretz, and Keren Ariel have signed up.

The program is based on individual learning at home at your own pace – well suited for university students and working women. Once a month there will be a shiur at Nishmat which will be recorded on video and will be sent to whoever has registered to that Bekiut program. Each program has a WhatsApp group where student post questions, and can discuss what they are learning. Additionally, the program instructor participates in the WhatsApp group as well.

Here are the options:

Bekiut Parshat HaShavua with Rashi – With Simi Peters**
Masechet Avoda Zara – One daf a week with Rav Shay
Bekiut Nach – Approximately two prakim a day. The shiurim will be given by different teachers.
P'ninei Halacha – One Halacha a day with Rav Sperling
Halacha B'Iyun – Hilchot Kashrut with Rav Kobi Gigi

**This class will be given in English, all other are in Hebrew
The fee is $18 USD for each Bekiut project.
to sign up.