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JUNE COMMENCEMENTS Nine Women Honored. First in Their Families to Graduate College. 

“Nishmat not only gave me a deep understanding of my cultural heritage and pride in my identity, it gave me academic and life skills to succeed at college and maintain top grades. I expect to graduate with honors and become an educator of Israel’s next generation.”

Chagit Ayali, Special Education & Mathematics Major at Herzog College. N.E.W. Joint-College ’17.
As 15 students from Nishmat’s Ethiopian Women (N.E.W.) Pre-College Program listened, nine Pre-College alumnae, about to receive their college diplomas, spoke about the embrace of Nishmat’s follow-up venture, N.E.W. Joint-College Program, which accompanied them throughout their college careers, helping them overcome racial barriers and the fears that accompany students who are the first in the family to attend college. Five students earned Bachelor’s in Special Education, two in Fine Arts and Graphic Design, and others in Business Administration, Medical Laboratory Development, Early Childhood Education, and Nursing.
“A ceremony like this is worth 10 empowerment workshops. These graduates are fantastic role models for our pre-college students,” commented Dr. Esti Barel, Program Director.

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