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The Garden The Garden The Garden
Nishmat's beautiful gardens are a peaceful place to relax with nature. Shiurim are often held outdoors in our pergola.
The Campus The Campus
Nishmat moved to its scenic campus in Pat, Jerusalem in 2006. The Alisa M. Flatow building and surrounding campus provide a beautiful home to our students as they spend time immersed in Jewish learning. Nishmat has sleeping accommodations for 140 students; yet over the course of the year, more than 200 women come to learn in our various programs and seminars.
The laundry room
Nishmat's laundry room has washers and dryers for your convenience. The laundry is also equipped with an iron and ironing board.
The dorms The dorms
Nishmat students not only learn together, but live together, with other young women from around the world. Our shared apartment-dormitories accommodate up to 6 students. Each apartment is equipped with a dairy kitchenette where students make their own breakfasts and dinners.
The office
Nishmat's office is filled with friendly staff who are happy to help and to make your stay at Nishmat an enjoyable one.
Yachin is a multi-purpose room used as a classroom & dining area which has access to student apartments in the adjoining corridor. Just below Yachin is the Esther Kryss Bet Midrash.
Boaz is a multi-purpose room used as a classroom & dining area, which has access to student apartments and the offices in the adjoining corridor. Boaz also houses the student lounge and computer room, which are available to students between and after classes. The Em Bayit's (House Mother's) office is located in Boaz, in apartment 20.
The Beit Midrash The Beit Midrash The Beit Midrash The Beit Midrash The Beit Midrash The Beit Midrash
Nishmat's Esther Kryss Bet Midrash is filled with the vibrant energy of women learning Torah.
Our beautiful Bet Midrash is used for chavruta study, davening & small classes throughout the day.
Maximum capacity in the Bet Midrash is approximately 250 - which is reached frequently for special events and speakers.