Summer Program
Summer Program FAQ

There is no typical student at Nishmat’s Summer Program. Our students come from all over the world, ranging in age from high school graduates to retirees. This diverse student body creates a warm, caring community for Torah study in a spirit of open inquiry.

Nishmat is unique in its combination of chevruta study and text-based learning. This allows students to grow independently, gaining textual skills and fostering authentic individual religious growth.

This year’s theme is Power, Leadership and Responsibility. We will explore these topics through the lens of Tanach, Gemara, Halacha, and Jewish Thought.

The Summer Program is conducted in English, except for some classes in Hebrew at the advanced level.

No previous knowledge is necessary to attend, although ability to read Hebrew is helpful. While our classes are based on classic Jewish sources in Hebrew and Aramaic, translations are available. Our teachers and tutors will help you prepare the material using word lists and other techniques that will enhance your skills at every level.

Nishmat students come from a variety of Jewish denominations. The common denominator is a desire for greater commitment in their Judaism. On the Nishmat campus, we request that all students respect the laws of kashrut and Shabbat.

Given the diversity of our student population, and in the interests of creating a safe space on campus for everyone, we prefer that the women in the program wear skirts to the knee and sleeves reaching the elbow.

Orientation is on Thursday, July 4, 2019. Classes begin on Sunday July 7th, although students may join mid-program.

Yes, students can attend for one or two weeks if desired.

Although you can best maximize your time at Nishmat by full time study, we know that this may not be a possibility for all women. We welcome part-time students who can commit to a consistent schedule. Please contact about part-time learning options.

We highly recommend the organized Shabbatonim for the first and third Shabbat of the program for those who wish to participate. The second Shabbat is free for you to visit family and friends. Hospitality can be arranged if needed.

Our dynamic madricha organizes tiyulim (hikes), Shabbatonim, and a range of social and cultural activities for our students.

Yes, there are weekly tiyulim in the greater Jerusalem area, and one longer tiyul.

After we have received your application, and letters of recommendation, you should expect to receive an answer within 14 business days. If you have any questions regarding your application, please contact Tzipora

• Full 3 weeks (full time) – $800*
• Per Week Only (full-time) – $295*
• Dormitory – $550 (3 weeks), $185 (per week)*
* Discounts are available to alumnae who studied full-time for a full year at Nishmat as well as for Israeli citizens residing in Israel. These discounts will be explained upon acceptance to the program.

We offer financial aid based on need. For information, please email Tzipora

We understand and share the safety concerns of students and their families. We take all precautions to maximize safety while at Nishmat and during off-campus trips. Personal safety issues are discussed during orientation. There is a security guard on campus at Nishmat 24 hours a day. Our building is also equipped with video surveillance cameras. Students are able to enter with a security code; all other visitors may enter only when admitted by the reception desk.

Although our apartments are secure, we recommend that you keep passports, important documents and cash in the office safe. There is also a locked storeroom for larger items.